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Friends For Life Hotline

Have a friend in need? Is someone you know the target of violence or bullying? Did you see or hear something? Say something! Make an anonymous call and get them help! It's okay to help a friend.

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CALL: 817-469-TIPS (8477)



Top 10% GPA Cutoffs*:
11th Grade: 5.07333
12th Grade: 5.28500

For the class of 2019, class rank (for the top ten percent) shall be reported on a Certification of Class Rank for at the end of the spring semester with the reporting of final grades. As a reminder, we do not rank students outside of the top ten percent.

Lowest ranking GPA for each quartile:

Class of 2019:

Quartile 1 Cutoff - 4.83333
Quartile 2 Cutoff - 4.18889
Quartile 3 Cutoff - 3.38125

Class of 2020
Quartile 1 Cutoff: 4.76250
Quartile 2 Cutoff: 4.03571
Quartile 3 Cutoff: 3.37857

Class of 2021
Quartile 1 Cutoff: 4.68333
Quartile 2 Cutoff: 4.05556
Quartile 3 Cutoff: 3.28750

Class of 2022
Quartile 1 Cutoff: 4.56000
Quartile 2 Cutoff: 4.080004
Quartile 3 Cutoff: 3.40000

*updated 06/17/19